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Kök bänkskiva + spis


I was recently  commissioned to design a bench in  the entrance

 hall of  Markeliushuset The compostion is based on the diagonal  75 °angle of the fasade.














The bench is placed at a diagonal in the space to emphasize the dynamic compositional.



Markelius designed a zigzag diagonal facade that created a partially enclosed space for the balconies and offered a view of Lake Mälaren from the apartment window.

A marble green color was chosen for the bench to harmonized with the marble floor and staircase. A new concrete surface coating by Topcret covered the construction made in MDF.    


The design I developed for this compact kitchen in an apartment in Markeliushuset was inspired by both functionalistic and Japanese wall/cabinet systems with sliding doors, open shelves, and varied shelf thicknesses and depth. The original custom made stainless steel sink was reused. 

The kitchen is 2.5 square meters, so every centimeter counts!  


During the renovation of  Markeliushuset, I was commissioned to design a ventilation tower for the restaurant & daycare in a corner of the playground behind the building.

A divided cylinder in rusty corten metal expressed the trunk of a tree and the green diagonal sections at the top made up the tress's crown.  


Sven Merkelius's textile pattern 'Timber' inspired the idea of dividing circular forms. 

The diagonal section for the incoming air made it possible to reduce the diameter of the cylinder and retain the needed airflow. 

Kök diskho
Screen Shot 2020-12-19 at 13.23.23.png
Ventilationstorn ovanifrån
Triangulär pall

For details about the projects, collaboration or new  project please contact me!

Stool- triangular prism

Prim Wood AB commissioned me to explore alternative design concepts for star sawing technique which produces triangular prism. This  stool was the first physical prototype made from a series of concepts using the triangular prism as a design element in the composition. 

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