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My research profile reflects questions and concerns generated by my artistic work and teaching. See teaching to find methods and models developed to support teachers, professionals, and researchers that are interested in leading workshops, labs, and courses in aesthetics reasoning. 


On this page, I present my Ph.D. thesis Form & Formlessness from Chalmers followed by three major co-creative research projects within the field of aesthetics where I have been the main applicate and project leader.

They were all funded by the: Swedish Research Council

  1. Complexity & Transformation, 2002-2005 summary Invitation to Exhibition 

  2. NanoformgGiving 2009-2012 summary / Invitation to Exhibition 

  3. HAPTICA, 2016-2020 summary  /Invitation to Exhibition​

Each project received 3-4 years of funding from the Swedish Research Council through the Committee for Artistic Research that involved co-creative activities engaging both cross- and intra- disciplinary partners. These projects are transpositional in that they refer to cross-referencing between disciplines and discourses. Our partners came from diverse fields such as astroparticle physics, industrial design, and professionals from the culinary arts. A common thread in all of these projects is the use of aesthetic labs (A-labs) where haptic sensory images are evoked and shared. 

The other research projects are also mostly co-creative ones that reflect the immediate evocative qualities that 3-D physical artifacts and phenomena have in attracting our analytical drive and desire to make and play. Through funding from Vinnova, Knowledge Foundation, Swedish Ministry of Higher Education, Konstfack's Artistic Development (KU), and Estrid Ericsons Foundation I have managed to bring together researchers, designers, and user/players to explore institutional problems in hospitals, philosophical insight in the risks and relations invested in the artistic and design process, the role aesthetic abstractions of form and space have in design education, etc. These are cross- and intra-disciplinary projects as well as educationally framed aesthetic research for the industrial design program and professional development at Konstfack.

My own art projects & products 

At the bottom of this page are examples of my own sculptural work shown in exhibitions. 

A small collection of my products created in the context of Sven Markelius collective house on Kungsholmen, Stockholm are found  under the side menu:


Carl jan &CherylPICT0830.JPG

Co-creative research projects


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